Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question about Squishmallows? Hoot’s here to help!

Here are the questions that we have gotten so far.

What is the best way to wash my Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are machine washable, but make sure your washing machine isn’t set to high heat. It’s best to wash Squishmallows in warm water only. After this, you can put your Squishmallow in the dryer and tumble dry it at medium heat. We don’t like to get too hot!

Where can I find Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are currently sold at Walgreens, Costco, and of course, right here on our website! We’re also sold at a few other local retailers like Five Below. Stay tuned for more retail locations to come!

When will the 16” Fifi, Hans, Tim, Puff, Piper, Hoot & Holly be back in stock?

As you may have noticed, some of our most popular Squishmallows have been sold out in the 16” size. Not to worry! We should have some more in a few weeks and will let you know as soon as they become available again.

Where can I get a keychain/clip on Squishmallow?

Check your local Walgreens in store to find our smallest members of the Squishmallow Squad.

When will Squishmallows be able to ship products outside of the USA?

We’re working on it! We know that Squishmallows are loved by everyone, and we hope to have them delivered to wherever you call home soon!

What is your refund/return policy?

Squishmallows has a 30 day unconditional guarantee. You can return any Squishmallows products within 30 days of its purchase date for a full refund less shipping costs. Returns after 30 days will not be accepted. Please ship all product back to: Kellytoy 4811 S. Alameda St. Los Angeles CA 90058 In the unlikely event that you’ve received a defective Squishmallow, please do not use the item before contacting us. Upon receiving broken or damaged goods, please take pictures of the item and send an email along with your order number to [email protected]. From there a replacement or refund will be issued accordingly. If your Squishmallow has clearly been played with, chewed on, spit on, etc. we cannot accept it as a return or refund.

When will I receive my Squishmallow?

Squishmallows typically take anywhere from 4 to 10 business days to arrive after your place your order with us online. Why does it vary? Squishmallows are shipped from our headquarters in sunny Los Angeles, so the closer you are to Los Angeles, the faster they should arrive.

If I use #squishmallows, will my photo be shared or repurposed?

First of all, we’d like to give a big thank you to those of you who have been sharing your Squishmallows with us through social media! We love seeing all your photos and videos and we’re so glad you love the Squishmallows Squad!

If you use #squishmallows, #squishmallowsquad or #sharemysquad, or if you tag @squishmallows in your post, your picture may be repurposed by our team. To read more about this, click here.