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Keeping It Cozy

It’s getting a bit chilly inside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t warm things up a bit!
The votes are in, and we’re honored to be listed amongst the Mighty’s “6 Things That Help People with Depression During the Winter List” this year. We all know that snuggling up with a cuddly, warm friend can make things a little bit better when it’s cold out, as Breeanna M. so perfectly described us.
“They’re big, soft and perfect for napping on or cuddling. Walgreens sells the giant ones for about $20. It’s just a nice soft companion when the world feels kind of terrible. When I feel too cruddy I give him a squish or take a nap with him as a pillow. It makes a depressive episode just a little less awful.”
We’re glad we can help to bring the world a little much needed holiday cheer, one Squishmallow at a time!
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