What Is Kelly Toys Cares

Our Philanthropic arm, Kellytoy Cares, connects us with our local and global community. The diverse group of individuals within the Kellytoy team have three major things in common: passion for what we do, the simple joy of making people smile, and our deep desire to give back. We are proud to support causes focused on Inclusion, Education, Mental Health and Wellness. We show support for this worthy causes through: financial assistance, toy donations, events, programs, as well as volunteerism by the Kellytoy team. 

Our Care Compass

While we’d like to donate to everyone, our hearts are focused on Education, Inclusion, and Mental Health and Wellness. The Kellytoy Cares team is steadfast in our mission to help adults and children alike feel included and supported both mentally and emotionally. The Kellytoy Cares team is driven by an eagerness to give back, a unified passion for education, and hope for more inclusive and playful future. We strive to amplify the work of charitable programs around the world that are dedicated to these important issues.